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Deli Shu 日本のお酒専門店 OPEN!!

日本のお酒専門店「Deli Shu」Open today!!


Providing "delish" and high quality sake that is exported under the stable temperature control condition.

Our partner sake breweries are from all over Japan. "飛騨誉" and "G酵母" from 岐阜県, "強力米" from 鳥取県, "越淡麗", "北陸12号" from 新潟県, and "Koshu甲州" and "Muscat Berry A" from 山梨県 We offer sake made with local rice and yeast and also wine made with Japanese grapes as well.

Deli shu delivers special Sake & Wine from all parts of Japan to Hong Kong under high quality conditions of temperature control.

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